Rol-Away’s “Prototype Program” is an economic method for you to test and see first hand how well the unit will meet your requirements. On paper often you may not see every opportunity presented in your specific warehouse but when you have an actual prototype unit to kick the tires with and put through the tests, very specific criteria can be indentified. We can tweak the design into your specific requirements  and build exactly to your specific application.

High step weight capacities, high reach, mezzanines, and cartons to fit through ladder steps, narrow aisle, bulky loads or light products such as computer chips…..Rol-Away has probably designed or built one. Do you require a ladder for your cart which didn’t originally have one? We can assist, as we typically would have a ladder design which will fit your specific requirements.

Aluminum carts use less breakaway torque and are easier on your material handlers. We also build products from steel and stainless. Even if you are automated our designs compliment your automation.

Call Rol-Away today for discussions about a PROTOTYPE  for your specific applications       1-800-547-4548  or E-mail:


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