Prototype Products

Rol-Away’s “Prototype Program” is an economic method for you to test the product first hand and see how the unit will meet your requirements. On paper, every challenge to your specific application may not be readily evident. With a test, or prototype, unit these issues can be identified and corrected early along on the process. Many of our customers have utilized this method to catch unique opportunities in their warehouse and eliminate costly on-site modification or replacement. We can modify the design to meet all of your needs. High step-weight capacities, mezzanines, narrow aisle ways, high reach areas, and custom tote dimensions are just of few of the parameters we have worked with in custom applications. If your application requires it, we can come up with a solution to meet your needs. Let us know if there is a custom application where a prototype unit would be beneficial to identify specific needs in your area. We’re here to help.

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