It’s Alive!

The day has finally come. Our shiny new website is officially live! Say goodbye to “Zend Optimizer” errors, links that go nowhere, and, most importantly, orange.  We are all quite proud of the new site; the look is much more modern, the user experience is improved, and there is much more relevant information presented in a usable manner. Myself, John Devaney, and the entire team over at Gravitate Design Studio invested much blood, sweat, and tears making this happen.

While we are happy the site is up, keep in mind that this is still a work in progress. We’ll be tweaking the site, adding and refreshing content as necessary. We encourage all of our users to poke around a bit; kick the tires, look under the sofa cushions, and tell us what you think.  Let us know in the comments or in an email if there is anything seriously missing, out of place or just…wrong. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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